The Blaster Pistol is a sidearm available to Hero Soldiers, Elite Troopers, Wookiees and Heroes; and to Villain Soldiers, Commanders, and Bounty Hunters.

Initial Stats

Rank 1 is granted for free, and features:

  • Slightly below-average damage (26/shot)
  • Low rate-of-fire
  • Perfect accuracy
  • Average projectile speed
  • Very fast reload

Upgrades (Costs)

Rank 2 (4)

Adds a charge-shot secondary fire. The charge starts at 26 damage and builds to 48 damage over 5 seconds, automatically firing at full charge.

Rank 3 (15)

Only available to Hero and Bounty Hunter. Overloads the pistol, resulting in...

  • Much higher damage (40)
  • Much higher ammo consumed (4/shot)
  • Larger projectile size

Additionally, charge shot...

  • Caps at 60 instead of 48
  • Reaches full charge in 2.5 seconds instead of 5 seconds
  • Can be held at full charge for 2.5 seconds.

Additionally, an alternate weapon mode is added. The primary fire in this mode is the same as Rank 1 and Rank 2, while the secondary fire fires a triple-shot burst-fire of 26 damage shots, draining 4 ammo.

Strategy Tips

  • The Pistol 1 and Pistol 2 are generally not considered viable primary weapons, due to their low damage output.
  • However, if you can land headshots consistently, the Pistol allows you to maintain potentially higher damage output while running, compared to heavier weapons whose accuracy degrades while running.
  • With the P3 as well, you should always go for headshots.