The next Public Beta has been released for download from the main site,, feel free to try it out and post feedback on the forums if you want a taste of how the mod will be when its finished, if you'd rather play the finished mod then best wait.

Major additions since Build 16

  • Several new weapons:
    • T-21
    • PLX-1
    • Thermal Detonator
    • More
  • New classes:
    • Bounty Hunter
    • Elite Trooper
  • Authentic Mode Implemented, Classes limited to represent the movie scene accurately, for example on mb2_tantiveIV, 1 Vader + unlimited stormtroopers vs 1 Leia and unlimited Rebels
  • New maps making a total of 8 custom maps:
    • mb2_dotf
    • mb2_hoth
    • mb2_korriban
    • mb2_tatooine
  • Saber System revised and debugged, now completely skill based and movie realistic.
  • Many new player models to choose from, including an exclusive Super Battle Droid model, using custom animations.
  • and much, much more, check the site for a full list of changes.