Changes from Build 18 User interface

  • New main menu
  • New model icons
  • New loading screens
  • ew misc. UI graphics
  • New HUD system: - BP / Fuel / Stamina bar removed and integrated with the main HUD (Old style bar can be toggled on/off in Setup > Moviebattles)

Saber system

  • Improved hit detection code (Imported from OJP)
  • Refined AP/BP/ACM values


  • Added MB2_TradeFed
  • Added MB2_CommTower
  • Updated MB2_JediTemple
  • Updated MB2_DOTF
  • Updated MB2_Jabba
  • Updated MB2_TantiveIV
  • Removed MB2_Korriban


  • Mind Trick no longer can be blocked by Seeing.
  • You no longer regenerate Force Points in mid-air.
  • Grip 3 now allows you to move people around. Futhermore, Grip now has a "lock-on": you *have to perform a "griplock" by pressing and holding grip for a set amount of time to *successfully grip someone.
  • Lightning 3's two-handed version now does extra damage, provided you have have Push 3 and *manage to knock someone down with it.


  • Added Wrist Gauntlet
  • Level one is flamethrower, level two is flamethrower and wrist laser. In melee mode, press the change weapon mode button to switch between the two
  • Updated EE-3


  • Tweaked PLX-1 costs
  • Added pulse warheads to PLX-1. Level 2 PLX-1 and 1 pulse required.
  • Dexterity now works while sprinting
  • Sprinting now lasts untill user activates walk button or runs out of stamina.


  • Added RGB skins
  • Sprinting now lasts untill user activates walk button or runs out of stamina.


  • Increased A280 (Also applies to DLT-20a) and T-21 shot velocity for both firing modes.


  • Speed is now increased when Strength level 3 is bought and melee is selected.
  • Strength 3 gives you Balance. You will not get knocked down by explosives.
  • Increased bolt velocity for both firing modes.


  • Quickthrow scope delay added to prevent nade-sniping
  • Quickthrow broken in to two levels. Level 1 gives Primary grenades quickthrow and level 2 secondary grenades.

Super Battle Droid

  • New model added
  • Added buyable abilities:
    • Cortoisis Alloy (Defends against sabers)
    • Blast Armour (Defends against heavy weapons)
    • Magnetic Plating (Defends against light weapons)


  • Alternate skin added to Droidekas (Droideka skins will only update during round intervals)
  • Droidekas ability to roll over obstacles reduced
  • Various bugfixes
  • Various server crashing bugs fixed

We are not even sure we have listed every single thing changed in B19, so much has been done since B18 got released!

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