Droidekas are Villain ultra-heavy gunners. They could be said to correspond to Hero Clone Troopers, but the two classes are nothing alike.


The Deka is a very powerful class and can completely change a round but plays so differently from other classes within MB2. The class is not recommend for new players due to its clunky controls despite its power in the hands of more experienced players. Using a regenerating shield and heavy firepower the Deka can be used in two modes toggled using the Crouch key: Roll - the Deka has increased movement speed but takes double damage from all attacks or Deployed - the Deka is ready to fight with his shields deployed and weapons activated, while deployed the shields can be toggled between on or off using Special 1. Deka's can change their secondary ability between rounds from Quick Deploy, Shield Discharge or Power Management but can't use all 3 at once.

Heavily armoured and shielded, tempered by lack of mobility in certain cases. When moving full speed forward, the Droideka folds up and rolls, with its shield shut down. In this state, it cannot fire. To move and shoot, you must hold the "walk" key. While standing still, a powerful shield is created around you which can hold off substantial amounts of enemy fire. While a Droideka's shield is powered up, the energy can detonate grenades and other explosives that come in contact with it.

Weapons and Abilities

Shield Power

Increases the amount of shield energy available to power a Deka's shields.

Turn Speed

Allows you to maneuver and aim better when firing.


Your overall firing rate and ammo regeneration rate.

Shield Discharge

The ability to discharge a large amount of shield energy in a shockwave that pushes enemies away from the Droideka and knocks them down.

Class Specials

While rolling it moves much faster than any other class.


Droidekas are extremely vulnerable to an [1]ARC Trooper's pulse grenades. While subject to the effects of a pulse nade, the droideka cannot fire, leaving it defenceless. The droidekas have to stand still and not rolling to be able to recharge it's weapon after being hit by pulse grenades.