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The Fire Grenade is a grenade accessible by the Imperial Commander. Tapping primary fire will result in a short toss of the grenade. Pressing and holding primary fire will allow for the grenade’s throwing distance to increase (the longer you “charge” the longer the toss).

The explosion of the Fire Grenade depends on where it detonates. If it detonates on the ground, a large circle of fire is created. If it detonates in the air, multiple small clumps of fire are spread around the vicinity.

The fire will slow down a player moving through it, causing afterburn which must be put out via rolling.

Weapon Specification

Each level adds one Fire Grenade, with a maximum of two Fire Grenades.

Gameplay Tips

  • Fire Grenades are meant for crowd control, make sure to throw them into popular chokepoints.
  • Remember: Stop, drop, and roll if you catch on fire.
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