Team Files

Team files specify the classes to be used in Semi Authentic and Full Authentic gamemodes. They should be placed in ext_data/mb2/teamconfig in your map or FA's pk3.

Example .mbtc file

    //Siege team definition file.
    name "doom_Remnant"
    ClassesAllowed 7
    TimePeriod 10
    EUAllowed 1
    	class1		"doom_Stormtrooper"
    	class2		"doom_StOfficer"
    	class3		"doom_Officer"
    	class4		"doom_Reborn"
    	class5		"doom_Galak"
    	class6		"doom_Shadowtrooper"
    	Subclass1 	"doom_RebornForce"

What the values do

The 'name' value should match the filename of the .mbtc Team file.

The ClassesAllowed value defines what classes are allowed on the map in Semi Authentic. To work out the number to input for the classes allowed you must use the tables below, add up the values of the classes you want. For example: Droideka(16) and Sith(4) = 20.

    	All Classes	0 |
    	Soldier	 1
    	Elitetrooper	2
    	Jedi	 4
    	Hero	 8
    	Wookiee	 16
    	Clonetrooper	32
    	ARC Trooper	64
    	All Classes	0 |
    	Soldier	 1
    	Elitetrooper	2
    	Sith	 4
    	Bounty Hunter	8
    	Droideka	16
    	Mandalorian	32
    	SBD	 64

The TimePeriod value is the time period for the map (SA), input the correct number using the table below:

    Ancient times = 1,
    Pre-Prequel =	2,
    The Phantom Menace (Ep.I) = 3,
    Attack of The Clones (EP.II)	= 4,
    Revenge Of The Sith (EP.III)= 5,
    A New Hope (Ep.IV)	= 6,
    The Empire Strikes Back (EP.V) = 7,
    Han-Frozen	 =	8, <- for CC map
    Return Of The Jedi (EP.VI) = 9,
    Post-Original Trilogy = 10,

The EUAllowed value is an on/off switch to allow Expanded Universe models from that time period in your map (SA).

The blocks at the end of the file define the classes used in FA. You can have up to 6 classes in the Classes set of braces, but you should have at least one. Their names should match the values in their .mbch files.

Any class can have subclasses, allowing you to have many more than just 6 classes.

Note that class1 should always be an unlimited class.