Game Types

Open Mode

Open Mode is considered the primary game-mode in MB2. You are able to select one of 7 classes for either the Rebels or the Imperials spanning across the entire current known trilogies and customize them for your liking. Open Mode gives the player 80 points that they can use as they wish to customize their character providing options for multiple builds, as you are just beginning I would recommend using one of the present builds available for now and then tweaking these to your own preferred playstyle.

Duel Mode

The saber system in MB2 can be quite in depth compared to other multiplayer games and takes some getting used to. The best place to ask for advise on the saber system are the Duel servers, with good representation on both EU and US servers and restricted to Jedi and Sith you'll have no problem learning in a gun-free environment.

Full Authentic Mode

FA servers use the same maps as Open or Duel gameplay modes but provide preset classes with limited slots to help recapture the movie feel of particular maps. Full Authentic maps tend to have abilities not found in the other game types and can be very interesting to play.

Semi-Authentic Mode

In Semi-Authentic (SA), the classes are limited to choosing the "skins" of the people who actually appeared within the time-period that the map takes place in. Players may still allocate points as they deem fit.

Legends Mode

A global Full Authentic mode that allows you to change the teams on any level. The default FA is a new global FA featuring major characters from every era.


  1. Max player count for all of the game modes is currently 32 players.
  2. Abillities of characters in Full Authentic game mode are preset.
  3. Duel mode is limited to only two classes.


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