Icon PLX1

The Merr-Sonn PLX-1 is a portable missile launcher used by the Arc Trooper . The rocket launcher has 3 levels (Detailed in the Weapon Specification).

The PLX-1 contains two types of missiles: a Rocket and a Pulse rocket. The Pulse Rockets may only be used with the purchase of Pulse Grenades; a Pulse Rocket can also be remotely detonated by tapping secondary fire anytime before the missile impacts. Once the PLX-1 is selected, it must be loaded, before being able to fire. If a loaded PLX-1 is switched out for another weapon, the PLX-1 will become unloaded (thus, the user will have to reload the PLX-1 once it is selected again). You may only load one missile at a time. The ARC Trooper will reposition into a crouching stance while firing the rocket launcher.

Weapon Specification

  • Level 1: Gives the PLX-1 launcher, and a single rocket.
  • Point Cost: 10
  • Level 2: Gives a second rocket, and allows the use of Pulse Rockets in conjunction with the purchase of Pulse Grenades (1 Rocket + 1 Pulse Grenade = 1 Pulse Rocket. Toggle between modes with Weapon Mode key).
  • Point Cost: 20
  • Level 3: Gives four more rockets, for a total of six.
  • Point Cost: 30