For ModView to work, you have to set it up properly first:

- Open the Assets1.pk3 in your /GameData/base/-folder with WinRar or Pakscape (or your favourite Unzip-application)
- Locate the _humanoid.gla inside the folders /models/players/_humanoid/ and copy it.
- Make a folder structure on C:/ (for simplicity's sake - you can put it anywhere as long as the pathname doesn't get too long, which, however happens quite quickly) looking like this: C:/base/models/players/_humanoid/
- Paste the _humanoid.gla you just copied inside the last folder
- Now, for every model you want to view in ModView, you have to add it's proper folder to C:/base/models/players/ - For example like this: C:/base/models/players/CloneMandoVM

Here's an image to illustrate how the folder structure could look like:

Modview folder structure

For simplicity's sake again, it's best to just place Modview into C:/base/ and you should be fine to view your model/skin now.

Common errors

  • # bones mismatch: "model/players/..." has 72 bones: This means the model you're trying to view was compiled for Jedi Knight: Jedi Order. In order to get ModView to work with it, you need to replace the _humanoid.gla inside your ModView-folder structure at /models/players/_humanoid/-folder with the one from JO. 
  • JPEG read error: Requested feature was omitted at compile time: This indicates that one of the .jpg image files used for this skin was saved as progressive. Simply re-save that image in your favourite image editing software again, making sure that the "save as progressive"-option is deselected.