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We need to break into the bounty hunters backyard and steal vital information they have stored about our transport routes.

The imperials are paying the bounty hunters for this information and using it to capture our cargo.

Get the goods and escape before things get too messy.


The rebels have sent their smuggler errand boys into our station.

Blow up their ship to prevent them escaping.

Bounties are doubled today.


Update Log

Version 1.5

  • More Rebel & Imperial Spawn Points.
  • Larger Imperial Spawn Room.
  • Rebel Balcony redesign.
  • Additional tunnel from under balcony at Rebel Spawn to boxes near Imp Lift
  • Increased size of lower corridor / red room.
  • Fixed missing sound effect on Rebel side balcony lift.
  • Fixed several locations where lightsaber was able to swing through objective ship floor.
  • Fixed a spot where you could glitch into the map in side route.
  • Potential fix for datapad gravity when killed while in mid-air.

Version 1.3.1

  • Forcefield behind ship is no longer reflective
  • Added high ground to rebel spawn. Accessible to any class.
  • Vents can now be entered from rebel spawn side by any class*

*only classes that don't fit vents cannot access it - DroidekaSBDWookiee

Version 1.2.2

  • Full Authentic

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release