Soldiers are Hero/Villain basic infantry.


The Soldier class represents the common soldier, the average cannon fodder. As such, Soldiers have the most lives and the least strength.

Soldier Configuration is something of a balancing act between buying...

  • Lives (reinforcements)
  • Survivability (armor and close combat training)
  • E-11 ranks, and ammo
  • Grenades


Icon Melee
Icon Pistol1
Icon E11
Icon GrenadeConcussion
Icon GrenadeFrag

Innate Abilities


If a Soldier dies with remaining reinforcements while within range of an allied Elite Trooper or Commander with the "Rally" perk (indicated by a green circle at their feet), the Soldier will respawn next to that Rally unit, and will be granted a temporary boost to HP and movement speed.

While dead, press Class Special 1 (Right? Not 2? Someone test this.) to ignore any Rally spawns and spawn at a regular spawn point. You will not receive the HP and movespeed boost if you do this.

Bad Melee

Uniquely, Soldiers can not use any Melee moves other than punch, unless they buy Close Combat Training.

Buyable Abilities (Costs)

Close Combat Training (4)

  • Level 1: Improves movespeed when Melee is equipped and enables all Melee techniques. Without this perk, Soldiers can only punch.
  • Level 2: (FA Only). Movespeed improvement applies even when weapons are equipped.

Reinforcements (2, 28)

  • Level 1: One additional life.
  • Level 2: Another additional life.

Other Buyable Items

Armor (0, 4, 6)

Armor is a universal buyable ability for all classes except the Super Battle Droid, Droideka, Wookiee, Jedi, and Sith. One armor point protects against damage better than one health point.

  • Level 1: 15 Armor
  • Level 2: 25 Armor
  • Level 3: 35 Armor 

Ammo (0, 4, 6)

Ammunition or Ammo represents in Movie Battles the amount of presently available energy to fire a blaster weapon (e.g. E-11 Blaster Rifle) or bolts to fire the Projectile Rifle.

  • Level 1: Soldier has some ammo.
  • Level 2: Soldier has more ammo.
  • Level 3: Soldier has much ammo.

Strategy Tips

  • The Melee movespeed bonus from Close Combat Training helps you get places faster. It helps for advancing, retreating, and diving from cover to cover. Melee moves themselves can be great last-ditch options against saberists.
  • As a multi-life class, you're less affected by dying. Don't be afraid to risk one of your lives to save the more valuable life of an ally.