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The Sonic Detonator is a grenade accessible by the Elite Trooper. Tapping primary fire will result in a short toss of the grenade. Pressing and holding primary fire will allow for the grenade’s throwing distance to increase (the longer you “charge” the longer the toss).

Secondary fire releases a sticky mine that will either be set off by an enemy if they walk near it or if enough time passes (add how much time is required for it to go off please :) )

The explosion will cause enemies and friendlies to be unable to attack for about 5? seconds. It also deals a small amount of damage.

Weapon Specification

Each level adds one Sonic Detonator, with a maximum of two Sonic Detonators.

Gameplay Tips

  • The Sonic Detonator is popular due to it being able to trap objectives
  • Make sure to not let friendlies get caught in the blast!
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