Here are a list of tools, tutorials, and references for what you need to create levels within Movie Battles II.


  • GTK Radiant
    • Included with GTK Radiant: EffectsED, BehavED, ShaderED2, ModView, MD3View, Assimilate
  • Text editing software such as Notepad++ for creating shaders, .siege files, Full Authentic Files, and .arena files.
  • Adobe Photoshop / GIMP or other photomanipulation software to create textures and minimaps.
  • Optional: Modeling software such as 3ds Max, Blender , Maya.



Unit Sizes

These are the sizes for units used in mapping. (All sizes are in map units)


  • Normal Player: 41
  • SBD (Remember these cant move while crouching): 49.2
  • Wookiee: 47.15
  • Droideka: 28.7


  • Normal Player: 65
  • SBD: 78
  • Wookiee: 74.75
  • Droideka: 45.5


If you would like to work on an already existing map

  • contact the author of that project get his consent and receive the .map file (at the moment Alderaan could use some love, drop message to Kasabian if you are feeling up to the challenge).
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