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Version (February 20th, 2020) Version (March 1st, 2020) Version 1.6.2 (June 1st, 2020)



  • Fix: Server crashing from turrets
  • Fix: Wrist laser aiming from center offset
  • Fix: Bad check for Deadly Sight causing server crashes (this should greatly increase stability of PB and Legends)
  • Fix: Invisible Droideka exploit
  • Fix: When hitting a saberist while they're knocked down but not moving, they will no longer be considered in the same state as crouching (in regards to saber vs saber damage multipliers).

Full Authentic

  • Fix: CFL_BUBBLESHIELD no longer drains ally Droideka ammo or moves teammates
  • Fix: Mandos in uM_Canyons not having enough FP for helmet sight.
  • Fix: Added descriptions to Lava Party FA characters
  • Change: Classes on ThrowThemIn given Cryogen Nades


Continued small tweaks have been made to most characters in attempts to balance gameplay for competitive matches. This will be an ongoing process.

  • Fix: Various issues causing crashes have been resolved. This patch should see the end of Legends servers crashing so frequently.
    • Many classes have been fixed / balanced for gameplay. Too many tweaks to list here, try it and find out!
  • New: Added Commander Cody


  • New: Added Chirrut's stick.
  • New: Cad Bane's Pistols.
  • New: Hera's Pistols.
  • New: Added Phasma's staff.
  • New: Added Rey's Staff.
  • New: Tusken and Gaffi Stick.
  • Change: Updated Sith Stalker hilt with a higher quality model.
  • Change/Fix:
    • Aayla Secura has been updated with improved LODs and less draw calls.
    • Ahsoka Tano has been updated with LODs and less draw calls.
    • Bastila Shan has been updated with a fully ported model, and has been updated with better decapitation, facial animations, and a higher quality head texture by redrob41.
    • Cad Bane (Legends) has an enhanced appearance. Thanks to recent team member Doughnuts for this change!
    • Darth Maul has been updated with LODs.
    • Princess Leia (All Skins) has been updated with facial animations, finger movement, and various optimizations.
    • New Mandalorian model is now optimized with better LODs, decapitation, and a new ROTJ Boba Fett skin.
    • Quinlan Vos now has optimized LODs.
    • Rebel Commando now has LODs.
    • Revan now has less tank-like hands, along with decapitation and LODs.
    • Sith Stalker now has LODs, along with an added and currently unused unmasked skin.
  • Fix: Battle Droid first person E-5 view.


  • Change: mb2_smuggler
    • Updated Music Track.
    • Fixed a few misaligned box textures.
  • Change: uM_NS_Streets
    • added detail from the single player version
    • fixed missing kill trigger near spawn.
    • Added an entrance to Reelo's office.
  • Fix: uM_Canyons:
    • fixed alignment for some textures
    • Changes to lighting/more optimizations for fps.
    • Added a platform/clipped a hole
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